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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  February 7, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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♪ >> from abc 7 news, a breaking news alert. jummy: breaking news out of the district might police involved shooting sending one man to the hospital. scene live at in active in southeast washington dc. steven: this is the very latest, it started around 8:00 this morning. check it out. good hope roa
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where the scooter is on the ground, that is where the shooting took place. at it started right here this clinic, where people come atticsdrugs, the herion comfort treatment -- addicts comfort treatment. and the scene this morning when a confrontation between this individual and police took place. somebody at the clinic called police and they confronted the man, there is a form of a standoff and witnesses say the police yelled, drop the gun. witnesses say they also heard the man on the ground screaming, it is not a real gun. no clarification on what took place, but clearly police are saying he refused to drop a gun and that led to the shooting. the suspect was taken to the hospital, where he is
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the investigation continues here in southeast dc, and this road is closed off. it is a police involved shooting. that is the very latest. jummy: thank you. also happening, we are minutes away from a decision on whether or not to confirm betsy devos as the next secretary of education. this after a marathon protest on the floor by senate democrats, 20 plus hours. sam is live with the latest. sam: good afternoon. the vice president just arrived to the capital within the last half hour. he is set to make history as the tie-breaker for this nomination. it would be the first time that a vice president has broken a tie for a cabinet picked. take a look at the senate floor, democrats are wrapping up their 20 plus our
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you want to call it, against betsy devos. all morning and all yesterday they were talking about her inexperience and that she is unfit for the office. betsy devos is a billionaire from michigan who does not have a lot of education experience, especially no public education experience. she did not attend public school herself and she never worked in a public school, but she has donated millions to the republican party and toward conservative issues. many centers have -- senators have spoken against her, one saying she is perhaps the worst cabinet pick in history. we also heard from tim kaine earlier today and susan collins. >> we need a secretary of education who understands that our education system is a public trust, and not simply a vehicle that allows for profit schools and big banks to make a pfi
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investments. sam: again, all 50, excuse me, all democrats are expected to republicans,two which means it would be a 50-50 tie and the vice president would have to be the tie-breaker. we expect the vote to happen at any time. sam sweeney, back to you. jummy: thank you. putting national security at risk, that is what the donald trump administration feels a court is doing by blocking the travel ban. and oral arguments are set to begin. we are following the latest. reporter: it has been three months since the election vladimir putin is accused of trying to influence and donald trump is still distancing himself from the kremlin, despite defending him in an interview. he said this morning i have no deals in russia
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iran can make a deal with obama, no problem. at the same time, the president is preparing for another fight, the controversial travel ban taking center stage today in a courtroom. he is standing by the executive ofer, banning the travel refugees from seven countries. allowed to benot tough on the people coming in? they say it is a lawful exercise of the president's authority, that nearly 100 tech companies and the district of columbia oppose the order and the white house is still working to defend the claim that the media is covering up terrorist attacks. >> you saw what happened in paris and nice, all over europe, it is happening. and it has gotten to a point where it is not
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many cases, the dishonest press does not want to report it. >> we will provide a list later. there are many instances that have occurred and they have not gotten the coverage. reporter: the white house has released a tax that they say were underreported, including low profile cases like an attack in abu dhabi when an american teacher was stabbed to death. and high-profile cases that were extensively covered like the san bernardino shooting and the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. jummy: speaking of the president, we want to go back to the hill where rollcall has begun for betsy devos. sam? sam: this just began in the last few minutes, after what we just reported, a 20 plus our debate with the democrats on the long, they were speaking one after another and talking about the disdain for betsy devos, if you will.
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and the big question is, will another republican vote no? that is what they are waiting to see. if that is the case, she will not be confirmed, even with the vice president being the president of the senate. we -- it will be interesting to see. it is happening right now. if you want to watch that, we are covering it live on our sister station, new channel 8. back to you. jummy: thank you for the update. right now, the search continues for a woman reported missing near great falls since yesterday. john gonzalez picks up the rest of that investigation. angler'sare at the boat ramp next to the potomac river where the search is resuming for the missing woman, a woman in her 50's. this
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montgomery county and park volunteers, and a search and rescue crews getting their gear ready to go. the county will have five swiftwater votes -- baots -- boats in the water. the searches started last night, but because of rain and darkness, they needed to suspend the search and now it is resuming. we will speak to the captain, this woman was reported missing by her family and her car was found on the virginia side -- what do you know? >> her car was found on the virginia side, so there is suspicion she is in the river. we have some light, so we will go up the river and check both sides and see if we can locate signs or traces of her this morning. john: any reason to believe that she would have come to the water, gone kayaking? >> we do not know why she would be
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will do everything we can to locate her. john: thank you. on the virginia side, it is a ground search. and they are using helicopters, searching for the woman that has been missing for several hours. the water temperature by the way is about 38 degrees. that is the latest. back to you. jummy: we will turn to the forecast, it is feeling like april rather than february. doug has a look at the springlike forecast. doug: indeed. and even though the skies are cloudy, they are brightening up. temperatures are climbing. the record high is 64 you think we will break that easily, with some places near 70. we have rain to the north and west. it has moved out of our area. it is finished for the day and we will get a breeze out of the south and southwest later today
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boosting the temperatures. 68 innoon, 64 degrees, fredericksburg. the wind is coming across the water and annapolis. and we are well on our way. the magic number is 64. and that is the official reporting place, reagan international, for washington dc. and into the upper 60's and near 70 with a partly sunny sky developing today. it will be unseasonably warm tonight with temperatures around 50, that is the coolest it will get. and we will have a look at what is coming next. with breaks in the overcast and tomorrow with some clouds and sunshine, into the lower 60's. then everything is changing tomorrow as a cold front approaches and then the possibility of rain and snow on thursday morning. we will talk about that and the impact of it, coming up. jummy: thank you. coming up on abc seven news at
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you about. ♪ searchand the relentless for a duo accused of a triple murder, if police are getting closer to bringing them in? and where is tom brady's super bowl jersey. on the road for you midday, it is road maintenance operations slowing you down. we will take you to the map, you can see we are mostly in the green. d c 95, this is a long-term work zone. we have delays in both directions. capitol street, north and southbound slowing down. and going to the camera, you can see 270 recovering from an earlier collision that happened. and north and southbound moving at a decent pace. going into
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bridge off of the george washington parkway, the right wing is closed. that is jamming us up from the parkway. issues to report on interstate 66. inside the beltway, moving nicely as well. we have more news for you on
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♪ >> you are watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jummy: developing now, a disturbing case out of rockville, maryland. police arresting a man accused of breaking into an apartment and attempting to sexually assault a woman inside. reporter:
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are concerns in the community that people were not notified of the attack that took place in this building. this is the man who police say is responsible for the alledge rape, tedrosged ishetu. police say he snuck into the apartment building and went into an unlocked unit and try to rape a woman. she started to scream and ran into the hallway. the suspect ran away, leaving his black jacket and unwrapped condoms in the apartment. after arrested, he admitted to the crime and said to police, that he just needed sex. he is charged with attempted first-degree rape, on the invasion, second degree assault, and imprisonment. jummy: right now, authorities
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in florida are searching for a couple accused of killing at least three people in a week. they say that william boyett and mary rice killed a woman that william boyett was involved with. and another victim. on friday morning, they murdered another woman in alabama. and a another woman was attacked and left in critical condition. >> we have an individual like this, honestly, it is hard to get inside their head. we are experiencing a nightmare, quite honestly. jummy: police say that william boyett was a heavy user of the synthetic drug spice, and has told people he will not be taken alive. new at noon, the new england patriots and their victory parade is underway in boston. here is a live look, the parade making its way into being
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-- bean town. they pulled off the biggest comeback in super bowl history, down 25 point to come back and defeated the atlanta falcons. they are only behind the pittsburgh steelers who have super bowl's, the most in history. and brady has a record, the all-time winningest quarterback. but who has his super bowl jersey? that is right, his jersey went missing in the team's locker room and right now nfl security, and local law enforcement with state law enforcement my joining together to find that number 12 white jersey. he thought he had locked up the jersey, but apparently that is not the case. the owner of the team says that he will probably find it on ebay. and to basketball, the wizards' winning streak was
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night in an overtime game against the cleveland cavaliers. they were up by three, going to lebron james with seconds left, and he nailed the three-pointer. that would send it into overtime. fans were shocked. then cleveland took over. cavaliers into winning, 140-135. good job to the wizards. they were doing is proud. doug: good season. jummy: baseball is going to start soon and it feels like opening day outside. doug: 60's and 70's. skies are cloudy, but they are brightening up and the warming trend will continue. you can see the moisture and cloudiness coming from the south. there are breaks and with the warm air overhead coming from the south we will have no problem in most areas getting
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officially the high today is 65 at reagan national. and it can be 75 degrees at andrews, 63 at national, but we will not set a record, so it must be there. but we have wind out of the south around 13-18 miles per hour and we are looking at most of the rain to the north now. and a cold front approaching from the west. i think we will pretty much be dry today and tomorrow. then a cold front coming into the area tomorrow night. right now, we are brightening of considerably and the futurecast shows the temperatures climbing into the 60's and holding their -- there. into the 50's overnight. it will be warm, we could set a record for the highest low temperature tonight. it is a crazy pattern. tomorrow, temperatures tt
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a storm system coming from the south as cold air moves in and we will have rain developing in the morning and according to this model, 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning, changing over to snow. it will note on -- melt on contact. we will be above freezing for the morning. it will have a very low impact in the metro. and today, 67-72 is the range and looking ahead to tonight, 64-57. tomorrow, sunshine and 64 degrees bit and for the next seven days -- degrees. and for the next seven days. it is not changing. 70 degrees, 39 on friday. 60's over the weekend. mild through valentine's day. jummy: thank you. now we will go to a preview of what is coming up at 5:00. >> good afternoon. tonight on the news, a new take
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andu.s. mint is turning 225 it is now breaking the mold and tradition. the 24 carat makeover, tonight at 5:00. ♪ up at noon, why visio is popping up some major ca
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visio coughing up millions of dollars to settle a lawsuit that is claiming that the company spied on customers. settlement, the company is agreed to
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information collected on their customers. and 7 is on your side this evening with a heart health -- it is very important, this is heart health month and we have coordinated with the heart association and they will be here to talk about your medical concerns. we have nurses and nutritionists available and all calls are confidential, expert advice is free of charge. tune in starting at 4:00 to find out how you can call and participate. talk about going gaga about the springlike weather, today is beautiful, and how long will it last? more on the forecast, after the break. ♪
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jummy: ok, we are taking you back to the senate floor on capital here -- hill where we are hearing that will call for the vote on betsy devos. the voting is about to get underway. this is live on the hill. we have the latest on her sister we're -- hannel 8. doug: we are probably going to hit a record today. and possibly snow and rain tomorrow night. jummy:
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